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Pediatric Patients Have Patient Experience Preferences

Four-year-old James just had his routine vaccinations, and it wasn’t as much fun as his birthday party held the same week. In fact, he dragged his leg for two days following, and that was cured only by band-aid removal.


Hearing his story – as only a four-year-old can tell it – reminded me of a most thoughtful choice-offering by University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital. Posted on their website are two videos – one narrated in English, the other in Spanish – about child comfort positioning during vaccination. The video explains four options for seating a child for their vaccination.


This is the link to view the videos:​
And while we won’t be traveling to New Mexico for vaccinations, after watching the video, James definitely wants the koala position next time.

People – even little people – value experiences in which their preferences are identified and respected.

Your kindness makes a difference every day,

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