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Clothes designer Rubin Singer was widely quoted in the media after he commented: “Beyoncé Knowles and her sister Solange always dry clean and send clothes back in a box, with a hand-written note. They are true ladies.”

Singer was recognizing these celebrities as ideal clients while teaching other clients what they should do in the future.

Take a moment now to visualize one of your ideal patients.

What caused her to choose you?

In her mind, what differentiates you from others who offer the same services?

Does she feel a sense of belonging? If so, what creates it?

What does she like best about your organization?

What one thing would she change about your organization?

What information is your ideal patient looking for when she visits your website?

Use the stories of ideal patients to help others understand how to navigate your processes and systems. Be specific about what they do that you’d like more patients to do.

Feature ideal patients in your testimonials, in case studies, in visit diaries. For example, Lake Hills Orthodontics in Redmond, VA published the traits of their ideal patients in this infographic:

Your kindness makes a difference every day,


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