If you’re wondering...

If you and your team care for older people, I can quite confidently say this class is for you.



Top-scoring organizations for patient experience are often specialty hospitals. Why? Because their patients feel “they get me. They know what I need.”   

Your older patients affect a significant part of your CAHPS ratings. What if their patient experience included feeling understood, important and respected? When you decide to offer Respect and the Older Patient Experience for your team, you affirm that your older patients really matter.

Respect and the Older Patient Experience is a cost-conscious development tool you can implement immediately and provide for new colleagues who join your team in the future.


respect and the older patient experience

video format

Having a video class available in your learning management system is a valuable accommodation for staff members who work part time, per diem, or evenings or nights.


for everyone

Whether you are focused on acute care, long term care, primary or speciality care, home care or hospice care, Respect and the Older Patient Experience will bring your vision and values to life.

We see ourselves as younger.  Respect and the Older Patient Experience is an opportunity to see ourselves as older.  This experience boosts understanding and empathy, patience and kindness.

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engaging & personal

Respect and the Older Patient Experience is engaging because I’ve made it quite personal. And by using the resources provided, including the weekly email you’ll receive, you’ll be able to provide regular doses of inspiration and empathy.

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How does this sound?

The results you're going to get:

A stress free way of reminding your team of your organization’s values.

An opportunity for colleagues to consider how to have fewer difficult encounters and more positive days.

A time for everyone in your organization to revisit the meaning of their work.

A personalized experience to tap into the world and needs of a specific patient population.

A new and different learning experience.


seriously, wouldn't it be great if...

You could provide an educational experience that makes your colleagues stop, reflect, and remember why they wanted to work in healthcare?

You could offer a class that inspires your team to act on their very best intentions?

Your organization is a busy place. It will always be a busy place. I’ve designed Respect and the Older Patient Experience to be respectful of your colleagues’ time. 

They can view it anytime for a personalized, transformational experience. By purchasing Respect and the Older Patient Experience, you’re providing an opportunity for your colleagues to experience the losses of aging and realize they can relate more mindfully with the older patients they care for. The takeaways endure when the experience does the teaching. 

How it works


Purchase the course to use within your organization now and into the future.

Roll Out

Share the class with your team using your educational platform.

Accomplish THIS

Watch as your team embraces caring for the older adults with respect.

what happens when you work with me

"We haven't focused that much on the experiences of our older patients."

"It was inspirational, we got so many new ideas!"

"It’s impossible to get everyone to a class, no matter how important the class is.”

"When our team started hearing the buzz about respecting older patients, they wanted to experience it for themselves."

“We hear a lot of ‘oh, the newest flavor of the month’ type comments when we introduce something new.”

"I can't believe how many resources are provided to keep this going with almost no effort on my part. Susan has done the heavy lifting for me."


When you personalize the learning experience, you don’t need hours of didactic instruction - the briefer content makes it easier to focus on implementing what’s learned right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Respect & the Older Patient Experience is for anyone who provides care and/or service to older people. 

The video course drives home why respect for older people is important. Your commitment to providing respectful care and service for older people is key to keeping respect top-of-mind. The course makes it easy for you to do this, as you will receive weekly quick stories and discussion questions to share with your colleagues.

Your video class is 35 minutes in length.

If your organization is able to award educational credit for the class, you can use the included discussion questions to extend the learning experience to 60 minutes. Also included with your course is the information you would need for the CE application.

Respect & the Older Patient Experience includes:
  • 35 minute on-demand video class
  • Discussion questions.
  • Worksheet and learning guide
  • 12 team activities to promote respectful behaviors
  • 52 empathy boosting anecdotes to use in your meetings, newsletters or other communications. -You will receive these weekly; with the first one delivered seven days after purchase of the course.
  • Information for your continuing education application, if needed.
  • Course evaluation form

The course materials are yours for as long as you maintain them in your learning management system or at your organization.

The Respect and the Older Patient Experience video should be made available only through your learning management system or in a meeting room setting. The video class and related materials should not be forwarded to individuals or organizations. Thank you for respecting my intellectual property as I have invested considerable time, effort and resources into the course materials.

You will receive your class video via Vimeo.com within a few minutes of your purchase. All of the materials are yours to use within your own organization for as long as you like. Think: orientation, empathy huddles, staff meetings, volunteer meetings, leadership retreats, and cultural transformation initiatives.

Thank you - please CLICK THIS LINK to purchase Respect and the Older Patient Experience.

There is a great sense of accomplishment when you introduce changes that offer real service improvements for patients. Building a culture of authentic respect for older patients is a service improvement that makes a difference to everyone.