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Respect for Older Patients
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Bring You Heart to Work

When you want to improve a relationship, it takes more communication, not less communication.

For an improved patient experience, more communication can be as simple as adding one more ingredient to your process for managing patient expectations.

As CEO of Michigan’s Lakeland Health, Loren Hamel MD launched a “Bring Your Heart to Work” initiative with a goal to reach the 90th percentile in patient experience.

And what happened? In only three months, Lakeland moved from 50th to 95th percentile.

Simple, though for some, it will require practice. Let’s let Dr. Hamel explain it:

“Every time you interact with a patient:

  1. tell them who you are,
  2. what you’re there to do,
  3. and then share a heartfelt why.

For example:

“I’m Tom,

I’m here to change your dressings,

because we want you home in time for your granddaughter’s wedding.”

For some older adults, explaining “the why” can save time by preventing misunderstandings, confusion, and non-adherence.

One way to demonstrate respect is to help someone feel important. Putting a patient’s hopes and fears at the center of an encounter accomplishes this nearly every time.

Your kindness makes a difference every day,


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