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How To Be Less Judgmental

“If you’re going to do it anyway, you may as well be nice about it.”

That was the most valuable lesson my wonderfully kind mother taught me.

Why do we undermine the power of a kind act by complaining, whining, warning, or otherwise making the person feel bad about their request?

Perhaps it’s human nature to seek appreciation and/or share the consequences of granting a request.

I try hard to remember my mom’s words, but there are times when I want to be recognized for doing something extra. For example: “Okay, I will stop and pick up groceries, but it will take me longer to get home. That street is scheduled for repairs.”

At work, desire for appreciation might look like: A visitor interrupts an employee to ask for directions. The staff member replies: “My manager is waiting for this report, but I’ll take you there.”

Another example: A patient asks if her catheter can be removed now. The clinician sighs and responds: “Okay, but patients who are sicker are going to have to wait while I do this.”

Your kindness makes a difference every day,


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