Do You Appear Happy?

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I've been speaking for healthcare organizations since 1994. Before that, I served in vice president positions at two hospitals.


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Do You Appear Happy In Your Role?

Working on a service experience project for a client, I was invited to attend a survey feedback
call for the organization. The CEO introduced a staff member who works virtually. She exploded
onto our screens with an enthusiastic energy that defied anyone to multi-task.

Being in the company of – the care of – someone who loves what they do is more of a
differentiator than ever before. It’s why we’ll sometimes wait in a longer line at the
supermarket for the happier looking cashier. It’s an experience that feels like a gift.

Do you appear happy in your position? Can you appear happy in your position until you do start
to feel that way?
Your kindness makes a difference every day,

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