Paul Keane (MY DAD) and me

You want your team to act on their best intentions 

Everyone wants happier patients

Caregivers want to know they make a difference

No Matter Your Type of organization, I know We Have This much in Common:

Respect matters

"What Susan taught will reverberate 
in my mind forever."
Berdj Manouguian, RN

I've been speaking for healthcare organizations since 1994.  Before that, I served in vice president positions at two hospitals.

I've served as a member of the Board of Examiners for the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award.

I earned Fellowships of the American College of Healthcare Executives and the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management.

Inspired by

Amazing clients I've been honored to support and every older patient I meet.

We want the best possible experience for patients.

Your Presenter

Susan Keane Baker

I love asking:   "What do you like to do when you're not here being our patient?"

I love presenting, paintings and pizza.

My most recent acquisition is the painting by  Kit Porter, shown here on the left.

“Susan's presentation was excellent - inspiring and useful. Kindness and gratitude in work and in life need to be renewed from time to time for all of us.”

Frederick Keen, CRNA, Manager, Anesthesia Department, Minnesota

inspiring & useful


“Great program! I thoroughly enjoyed it, made lots of notes, and learned a lot.”

Lance duke, hospital ceo, georgia

Great Program


“Quick moving and kept my attention the whole time. Wonderful ideas, great examples for me and my team.”

stacie zimmerman, member services representative, minnesota

wonderful ideas


“Tangible take-aways and very inspirational. I love resources that I can immediately start implementing.”

Joanna Hewitt, Practice Administrator, Neurosurgery, Massachusetts

very inspirational


Kindness, empathy, and respect.

I created a memorable half-hour video class to make it easy for healthcare leaders to provide their teams with an enduring and supportive learning experience with the result of more kindness, empathy and respect for older patients.

What I care about most:

Trusted by:

Massachusetts General Hospital

Yale NewHaven Health


Jewish Geriatric Services


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