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Patient compliance with all needed pre-op behaviors rose from 0 to 64%. "Because patients are very stressed; they're anxious before surgery; they've got a lot of other things on their mind other than what we want them to do."

Respect For Older Patients

Betty White

Team Meeting Questions Regarding Older Patient Experience In her memoir, Betty White described significant losses – the death of her husband and diminished hearing. Let’s take the easier loss first. “People can even seem to get a little annoyed when you say “What?’ too many times. They’ll repeat themselves, but frequently without making it one […]

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Patient Experience Quick Tips

Do You Appear Happy?

Working on a service experience project for a client, I was invited to attend a survey feedback
call for the organization.

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Patient Experience Quick Tips

Pediatric Preferences

Pediatric Patients Have Patient Experience Preferences Four-year-old James just had his routine vaccinations, and it wasn’t as much fun as his birthday party held the same week. In fact, he dragged his leg for two days following, and that was cured only by band-aid removal.   Hearing his story – as only a four-year-old can […]

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Leadership & Recognition

More Ideal Patients

Clothes designer Rubin Singer was widely quoted in the media after he commented: “Beyoncé Knowles and her sister Solange always dry clean and send clothes back in a box, with a hand-written note. They are true ladies.” Singer was recognizing these celebrities as ideal clients while teaching other clients what they should do in the […]

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5 Strategies for Higher HCAHPS Ratings from Older patients

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