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Patient compliance with all needed pre-op behaviors rose from 0 to 64%. "Because patients are very stressed; they're anxious before surgery; they've got a lot of other things on their mind other than what we want them to do."

Patient Experience Quick Tips

Help Your Team Be Less Judgmental

How To Be Less Judgmental “If you’re going to do it anyway, you may as well be nice about it.” That was the most valuable lesson my wonderfully kind mother taught me. Why do we undermine the power of a kind act by complaining, whining, warning, or otherwise making the person feel bad about their […]

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Higher HCAHPS Scores

50th to 95th Percentile

Bring You Heart to Work When you want to improve a relationship, it takes more communication, not less communication. For an improved patient experience, more communication can be as simple as adding one more ingredient to your process for managing patient expectations. As CEO of Michigan’s Lakeland Health, Loren Hamel MD launched a “Bring Your […]

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Patient Experience Quick Tips

How To Be Memorable

What Makes an Experience Memorable? Rain, wind and severe flooding were predicted in Washington DC last Friday. From my window at the Phoenix Park Hotel, I saw a woman running full speed around the corner at the National Postal Museum and up North Capitol Street. She had a satchel in one arm; her other arm held […]

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Respect For Older Patients

Preventative Screenings

Older People And Preventative Screenings What’s the best way to communicate that preventive screenings are no longer recommended due to someone’s age? How can we convey the information in a way so the person does not feel they will soon be put out to pasture? Last month, Health Expectations published results of a qualitative study […]

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5 Strategies for Higher HCAHPS Ratings from Older patients

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